Saturday, August 23, 2008

Politics in Malaysia, nah! Change of topics!

Malaysian politics are just crap~! Right now, let's just focus on hmmms... celebrities. not Malaysian ones, but Holywood celebrities.

Kimberly Kardashian! Who is she? Keeping up with the Kardashians? Reggie Bush? Ray J? Sexy... tapes? Hahaha.

PAS, Pak Lah, Najib? WTF! Who gives a damn now??? I give up! PERIOD...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dawn of a new era...

Is it safe to blog now about anything we so wish to??? ~sigh~

Not too long ago it wasn't. To hell with free speech! To hell with shutting 'em bloggers up! To hell with putting 'em bloggers down; labeling them as hooligans etc. And alas! Down with 'em buggers; 'em bullies; 'em arrogant Political thugs!!!!!

Justice has been done... well it could have been sweeter success, but it was enough to silence them GOVERNMENT! Put a dent into their ego!

Nevertheless, have they really learned?! Have they really woken up?! Personally, I think only a hand full. The majority of them are still living on cloud 9! Still unwilling to accept the facts. Or still too arrogant to notice a split in their communities.

What's with these buggers fighting still???

Excerpts from the daily news:

"Samy warns ‘rebels’ while 100 MIC members call for him to step down"

PM: Appointing anyone else is against Constitution

SEPANG: The appointment of anyone but Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as Terengganu Mentri Besar is unconstitutional, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. "


Ahmad's swearing-in pushed to Wednesday, Umno submits protest letter to palace
KUALA TERENGGANU, Sun (Updated 12.30pm):
There was no swearing-in after all today for embattled Terengganu Mentri Besar-designate Datuk Ahmad Said. The assemblyman, who was picked by the Sultan of Terengganu to be the new Mentri Besar, merely received a letter of appointment from the State Royal Regency Advisory Council and was told that his swearing-in has been scheduled in three days, which would be this Wednesday"

I guess some people will never ever change... Oh btw, where's Khairy???!?!?!?!?!??? Missed that little bugger! LOL@!

Monday, August 20, 2007

NAMEWEE....... WHAT?!!!

Enough about NAMEWEE!!!!! When are our 'leaders' gonna grow up and focus on more pressing issues in Malaysia?!

Why do we not see issues like fighting poverty and corruption or improving public facilities or drafting new laws to fight crime being highlighted on the news?!!!!! Instead, we have NAMEWEE! WTF!

My hat goes off to you 'BADUTS' up there!


Enough b*llsh*t in Malaysia! Enough is enough!
There were just too many events that had happened... events that made me sick to da bone!
So much so that I need to voice out my thoughts!
So here I am... I'm back!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hishamuddin and his 'brainless' kontos!

I'm bloody frustrated! I was reading what mr H and his 2nd man mr K had to say in the recently held UMNO General Assembly. Both obviously just wanted to have publicity... from what I gather. So what's the buzz with these two people?????

A lot! Just let me walk you through their 'incompetence':

1. Mr H: "The Umno Youth chief said Malaysia could not be moulded by the narrow-mindedness, chauvinism and extremism of those who play the racial card in order to emerge as champions of their race."

Question: Isn't Mr H doing just about the same thing by criticizing and constantly highlighting those 'culprits' as he calls them?????! So what makes him any different?!
2. Mr H: "
He warned the Article 11 group to steer clear of Article 11 and Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution and not to question the rights of Malays and the position of Islam, as this could stir up Malay and Muslim emotions. "

Question: Dictatorship style of leadership within the Government?! Basically, don't question! Just follow the leader and please remain dumb...! Plus Malays and Muslims as Mr H puts it are so bloody INFERIOR of their own race and religion that any slight question about their rights would cause the 3rd World War! How pathetic... that's according to Mr H's statement.
3. Mr H: "
Hishammuddin also said the Malay Agenda spelt out under the Ninth Malaysia Plan was a national mission and not a zero-sum game which would only benefit the Malays and cause the non-Malays to lose out."
“The non-Malays should be brave enough to admit that they have benefited either directly or indirectly through many projects carried out during the duration of the National Economic Policy,” he said.

Question: What facts does he have to support his 'brilliant' claim to non-Malays benefitting A LOT from the National Economic Policy, which has Malays as its focus?! Another example where it's not actually bumiputeras, but MALAYs... I don't see any mention of bumiputeras here, do you?! Could one say that when they meant bumiputeras, it's actually Malays... oooops forgot the rest of the bumiputera groups... or hmmms, maybe Malays first then them la!

4. Mr H: " He also labeled as absurd the controversial Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute report, which claimed that Malay corporate equity could have reached 45%. "

Question: Why is he so quick to brush it off?! As if afraid of something??? Who is he to say that, as there have been reports of 2 government spokes person giving contradicting methodologies and figures on the Malay corporate equity?! And by the way, do you notice the obvious focus on MALAY corporate equity??? When isn't it supposed to be the BUMIPUTERA equity?! Bumiputera which consists of Malays, ibans, kadazans, Bajaus etc???

5. Mr H:

In an obvious reference to Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, Hishammuddin said Umno Youth was really angry over his baseless remarks on Malaysia and its policies.

“The irresponsible comments discrediting our policies are actually made to cover up their own weaknesses,” he said.

He cited a report in an issue of the Far Eastern Economic Review last month which stated that there was blatant discrimination against the non-Chinese in Singapore, even in the field of education. According to the article, he said, from 1966 to 2005 only 14 or 6.2% of the recipients of the President's Scholarship were non-Chinese.

“It is clear that the discrimination he claims exists in this country is much more serious in his country.

Question: Who is he to base his remarks on the Singapore former PM on a report like that?! Baseless! But when other people do the same thing, they get bombed all over from parties like the UMNO Youth! Youth without brains??? Could power be getting to their heads that they just revert back to an uneducated state of mind?!


Held 'captive' in our own country?!

Yes! That's how it is. At least that's how it seems like it...
The recently completed UMNO general assembly has basically painted the real picture of our so-called masters in Malaysia. What's been said is just a shortfall of how a 'communist', 'dictator-style' country is run.

Take all these for example... as said by UMNO leaders!
  • Do Not ever challenge the Malay rights as it is in the constitution
  • Do Not ever challenge the Islam religion
  • The Inter Faith Commission is a threat to the whole of the Malaysian nation
  • Khairy d' 2nd man in UMNO Youth chides anti-NEP Malays
  • Raise bumi corporate equity to 60%

They always mention about bumiputera rights, but if you were to notice how it's being said, how many times bumiputera is brought up as opposed to the word MALAY??? To me, it's more of a way of covering the truth. For me, it's more of the Malays than the other indigenous tribes like the Ibans, orang asli, bidayuhs, kadazans etc. How many times do we even hear of these group of people being mentioned as in the plan??? It's always the Malays, the Malay rights etc. What is all these crap?! UMNO trying to shield and protect the Malays so much as if they were all so weak... a weak race?! So draw your own conclusions coz that's what's being said!

Monday, November 06, 2006

'Sir' Dr Khir Toyo says: Our 'leaders' do not know local government by-laws!!!!! SOS!

Behold... this is the Menteri Besar speaking....... what?! Who?! I'd rather shut my freakin ears to save the beloved Menteri Besar from embarassing the whole government!BANTING: Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo admits that many people... and ALSO those in the HIGHER POSITIONS do not know local government by-laws!

That's not all... he pleads for citizens to UNDERSTAND their incompetence, arrogance and ignorance of these local by-laws!! How ridiculous and what an absolute blunder! You mean to say that most of our higher position leaders just do not give a damn to know all there is to know to be leaders in a municipal, for example?! Then what the f*ck are they for; elected as leaders… supposedly there to LEAD us, their ‘stray sheep’… when they themselves are completely oblivious to local laws?

What makes a leader in the first place, Mr all-high-and-mighty, useless Sir Dr Khir Toyo?!!! So you support imbeciles to lead the Malaysian people, to be put in high positions to blindly lead the people?????! What a BIG JOKE! If that’s the case, I’d rather not respect any of these ignorant leaders…

Are you trying to give excuses for you not knowing local government by-laws?! If so, then I’d suggest that you kick your sorry ass out of your own office today! We surely do not need stupid leaders governing local councils, for example!!!!!!

Ghani: Bangsa Malaysia = Threat to Malays?! = Weak race???

There goes our beloved 'spokesperson' of the UMNO government... Yes! Now he's saying the united Malaysian race which was the brain child of our former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir is a freakin threat to the Malays? The bugger is saying that it threatens the Malaysian constitution of giving Special Rights to the Malays???! What a load of Malaysian SHIT!

Ghani is a dumb right 'racist-in-the-making'! The Malay dude is promoting 'Racial segregation'! In his quest to protect the Malay heritage/priority as 'masters' in Malaysia, he makes it look like the Malays are just weak, not able to stand on their own feet... if it wasn't for the freakin constitution protecting them!

He's giving all sorts of excuses that make his own race look weak... weaker... and the weakest in Malaysia! When is he going to grow up and stand on his own feet?! Is this what the majority of Malays in Malaysia think??? I damn well hope not, or Vision 2020 will always remain a dream, and all these Malaysia Plans would just be like Ghani... a load of Malaysian CRAP designed to protect the benefits of not all, but a select group in! What a load of Ghani CRAP! Read what the MALAY dude sayz HERE.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scientists RUNNING AWAY from Malaysia! SOS!

Read: Scientists stay away due to lack of research facilities

There they go again! Our Malaysian government; promising this and that, pleading, begging renowned scientists to come here to further their research... and WTF for?! Giving blank promises... our country is not even ready, we haven't had world-standard facilities to support these scientists, and yet we invite them to Malaysia to conduct their researches? What a load of Malaysian crap again!

Same thing goes for other professionals, ex-Malaysians or Malaysians overseas being promised this and that by the government, for them to come back and help our nation... Help our Nation?! The Malaysian government wants help, but they themselves do not want to help themselves! Em big guns are really useful... yeaps, they are good in giving empty promises, rallying support for their own gain and pointing fingers at others but themselves, preying on each other in the government... hmmms... that's pretty much some of the crap happening in Malaysia.

Stop pretending that everything is ok! Stop telling people that yes, this and that is being looked into... when in a 2-3 months time the issues fade into thin air as it often does! Stop asking/pleading Malaysians who've left Malaysia, to come back and help our nation when we can't even help our sorry selves! Stop making Malaysia look like SHIT!

Friday, October 27, 2006

State Religious Department = Thugs, Samseng, Gangsta!

Read: Couple want answer from minister

Another case of religious FREAKS, disguised as officers of the State Religious Department! Sick imbeciles, incompetent and poorly educated arse holes! Yes, that's who they are! Do we even need a religious department to go around knocking on private homes and hotel rooms demanding to see wedding certificates in an attempt to rid khalwat?! Do we as adults in a modern world need such childish, mindless acts?! This is definitely an invasion of anyone's privacy... Maybe they are in need of cheap thrills... Not satisfied enough by their partners the night before??? What a load of Malaysian CRAP!!!!!